Thursday, June 05, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 5, 08

First, to Grace, Lorie, Beth, Jill, Amy, Sarah, Linda - thanks so very much for visiting & your comments! Very much appreciated :) And to Ju - Muito obrigado por deixar um comentário :)

Added: Grace, just got your comment, I'm so very glad you're finding the sales info useful :) Just dont blame me when you find yourself in River Tick :D (sorry I've been reading too many historical romance lately :D)

I'll be offline tomorrow so I'm posting the few freebies I've found early before I go try to persuade Mac again to go to bed.

1. Day 7 of the Tag Album from Amanda Thoderson
2. Template from Kim Wresh
3. card from Anna Aspnes at Shutterfly blog
4. A frame & wreath freebie from Christina Renee
5. Wordart from Bethany
6. Day 5 of CT QP Freebie from Crisdam Designs
7. Template from Lindsay Jane
8. Cool multi-photo template from Beth

Thursday deals!

1. $1 Day at Funky Playground. Note that occasionally some designers add theirs late so try to check again just before the deadline in case there's anything new.
2. 20% off New Releases at The Digichick & there's a designer grab bag Free with $10 purchase
3. Selected items at 30% off on Thrifty Thurs at DesignerDigitals
4. Weeds & Wildflowers Dirt Cheap Thursdays. There's no special section for this so basically you have to go through the whole store. If you're interested, there's a simple challenge on their blog to post a comment on what sale item you like and be in for a chance to win a $5 GC.
5. I just got this email from Kim Hill of CG Essentials. She has a new sneak peak kit available until noon eastern June 6th for $3.00. After that, it will go to $5.95.

I've enjoyed shopping today & these are what I got! :)

-Jacque Larsen's stuff and with these, I've totally cleared off her wishlist woohoo!
-Cute flip-flops from Rachel Young
-Fancy Bitz Alpha from Scarletheels. I really need to stop buying alphas since I have a problem using them but it's cute & only $1 so.... :D
-Little Tot Mega Transport Kit by Katie Pertiet. It's very rare for me to spend this much on a kit but I can never resist anything with cars & trains! I already have a dozen of them but none in these colours so that justifies it, right??
-Since I'm trying to recover from my crazed buying the past 2 months, I've banned myself from 'normal' discounts and only get $1-2 stuff or 50% sales but I weakened on TDC's New Release & got Jofia's new Artist Workshop kit and Joe's gorgeous Thinking of You album because of these 3 little words - FREE WITH PURCHASE!

And with that, goodnight all (3 of you :D)!


Beth Nixon said...

Thanks for listing my template Ann!! I do love visiting your blog to see what you are up to!

Hope little boy goes to sleep and you can sleep too!

Greenfingers said...

Is that Portugese yo're talking in now? I'm so impressed Chicks:)

fun2educate said...

I love what you do on this blog!! My paypal account on the other hand is dying a fast death..LOL!
Thanks again.