Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 25, 08

Oh dear, Holland lost to Russia so I guess Berna Datema's sale will end without reaching 50% which I'd been hoping for.

Gotta Pixel had server issues so their sale is extended till Jun 25 EST. Lucky for me because I conked out at 4am lying down with Mac waiting for him to SLEEP and only woke up at 1pm, an hour past the original deadline. I missed some of Lilypad's but luckily Kate Hadfield and Jenna Desai's $1 were still turned on. I really need to make faster shopping decisions & checkout while I can! I also missed SBB's QP exchange deadline :(

Browsing through GottaPixel, I saw the Summer Breeze Elements & Papers by Jill D-Zines & it reminded me of this LO I did last year for a Digitalfreebies challenge back when she was at DF. I'm rather fond of it cos that's one of my top fave photos of Mac :) He was about 6 months old in that pic.

Summer Breeze Kit & Freebie Addon : Jill DZines
Flower frame from Emotives my friend wordart: Kim Liddiard DSP
Build a date: Birgit Kerr

I've never shopped there before & most of the designers & products are new to me. Hoping to finish browsing through before Mac wakes up but there's so many I doubt I can find and decide on time. If anyone has a good find, be a dear & let me in on it too? :) These are all that's in my cart at the moment awaiting final decision :)
- Fairytale of Golden Dreams Collab by Princess Sophie & Monica Larsen. This is 65% off, the most it's gotten was 20% at ScrapScanDiStyle so I'm tempted.
- Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bacie by Amy Sumrall. This is cute :D I only buy stuff with the intention to use for Mac but I may actually use this for myself cos I LOOOVE bacons & eggs :D
- Round the Track by Sweet Digi Scraps. Trains! Need I say more :D But I'm trying to decide if I should get this at ES instead cos it's also 50% off there and there's a gift with $10 purchase.


1. Tara Dunstan is offering her whole store at PBP or her personal store for $45

2. Chaos Lounge has a 40% sale at Digital Candy till month-end. I've had my eye on her Doodle Love & Out of Africa for a long while and considering getting the collab Painted Schoolhouse kit too because of the bus - Mac would love 'sitting' in it I think :) I'm having problems registering at the site though so not sure if I'll get to shop :(
3. Melissa Bennett has a 50% sale Jun 24-30. I have oodles of kits I want there!
4. A number of designers have sales at Elemental Scraps. I've seen 50% discounts from these designers - Chris Wasielewski , AnjaJ & Becki Kress There are probably more but I didnt manage to browse everything yet.
5. Bella Scraps Mag is on 50% off till Jun 25. I'm not sure about this one though - I saw the ad but didnt see the discount at the shop...

6. This week's $1 Wed at Little Dreamer.

[links below the preview]

1. QP from Bon Scrapatit
2. Some scenery from Christina Renee
3. Mini kit from LSDS
4. Frame cluster from KimB
5. A mini WA tutorial & WA freebie from Beth
6. Today's GDS Daily Download is a journaling template from Andrea. You have to 'purchase' in the store.
7. Template from TrishH
8. Template from ScrapMatters
9. QP from ZigZag store. 3 days only

1. Sunshine Wonder Week Day 4 1 day only
2. Hanging frame from Chaos Lounge
3-9. A bunch of freebies from Ashalee Wall at Oscraps. You have to be logged in to download.

1. QP from ScrapKitten
2. Kit from
3. QP from Line Designs
4. Retrodiva's Freebie a Day 4
5. Template from Red Leaf
6. CU Freebies from Raechel's Scraps. Most will be expiring soon. You have to 'purchase' it.
7. Alpha from Vicki
8. Buggy element pack from Mischiffis
9. QP from Galiscrap

1. QPs from Mandy's Mystiques
2. Template from MandaGirl
3. Wordart from Gina Marie Huff
4. Flowers from Boutique Freebies

I still have a bunch of new unread blogposts so if I can make it, I'll be back. If not, it'll be tomorrow. Happy shopping & dl-ing :)


whatkatiedid said...

Glad you didn't miss out on all the deals! I'm always late turning off my deals as it usually falls at 5am my time.

Mac sounds like he sleeps about as much as my DS, I can sympathise totally with you! I bookmarked your blog btw so will be back soon!

Jill DZines said...

Thank you so much for posting about my Summer Breeze kit! You really do a great job finding some fabulous freebies and other goodies! I appreciate you posting mine as well! :) (and now I have to go look at some of those freebies! LOL!)

Nancy said...

Hi there, thanks for posting my freebie!