Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 21, 08

We may be going out of town in a few hours so I'll just go ahead to put up the few freebies I've found now. Note the word 'may' - I'm waiting for Colin to wake up to reconfirm. We havent even booked a hotel (or packed). He mentioned going to Labuan for the weekend last night but I was too engrossed in shopping at the time to pay attention :D Labuan (a Malaysian duty-free island about 1-2 hours from here by express boat) will be a new destination for Mac & will also be his first time on a boat so should be fun. If we do go, I'm not sure if we'll have internet so you may not hear from me till Tues.

Grace - surgery??! Is everything ok?? I hope you're recovering well... And thanks for reminding me about SFaire's sale - I had this niggling feeling I'd forgotten something!

Julia - thanks for explaining the casserole and frozen veggies :D


1. Cute kit from TammyKat
2. Kit elements from Vicki for the papers from yesterday
3. Cosmo Jack Tag Album from Angela Young, a Daily Download from Digitals. Total of 14 pages, you get 2 pages a day from Jun 20-26.
4. Template from Sarah
5. Elements from Fran to match papers from the previous day
6. Kit from Mandy's Mystiques LIMITED TIME
7. 2 alphas from Silver Rocket Scraps
8. Beautiful template from Anita Stergiou . Future templates will only be given to newsletter subscribers so if you like them, be sure to sign up! (details on her blog)
9. Lovely addon kit from Franziska

Oh and if you'd registered for Shabby Pickles' newsletter, you should've recvd it by now.


1. Franziska has joined ScrapOrchard and she has a 25% sale. These are just 2 of her kits.

2. Ellie Lash has also joined ScrapOrchard and she has a 20% sale. These are a couple of her kits.
3. Shantilly Faire has a $1 sale at Elemental Scraps & ES Mega kits are 50% off. I havent been able to explore yet but I believe some of the other designers have sales on too.

4. Dani Alencar has a 50% retirement sale at Sweet Scraps Shop.

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fun2educate said...

Oh, Ann, your trip sounds like so much fun and what little boy wouldn't love a boat ride. I hope you get to go, but I will sure miss you while you are gone. But, I will be back as a stalker never goes away!! I am fine, and feeling much better. I feel like Mac, the stitches ITCH!! Thanks for being concerned and for the great list. Have fun, be safe, and take lots of pictures.