Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebies & Sales Jun 16, 08 P2

Finally got a bit of time! I'm getting my hair coloured as I type this, about time too - 2 inches of grey roots ain't a pretty sight :D

Hey there Fina, glad you came! Fina (or Sha as she prefers to be called now :D) is my one and only niece - she, my bro and SIL are the only family I have, apart from Colin & Mac of course, so the link's kinda precious to me :)

And I seeeee you... Grandma June! :) I've missed our 'arguments' :D

Ugh & kapooey! Would you believe I posted Kasia's sale but missed it myself?? I had my cart ready but didnt have time to hit the checkout button :(

PC troubles still abound, Mac still up at nights, scrapping mojo still nowhere in sight...

Oh and did you know there are actually SOAPS out there to enlarge a certain part of the male anatomy?!? It was my maid's birthday the other day and I was at the perfume store getting her a gift. While I was testing perfumes at the counter, I was wondering why Colin was so engrossed reading the soap labels at the soap aisle, heheh. I really doubt a $3 soap would be able to help (and no, he didnt get any :D)

As always, thanks much to all those who've left a comment, I love hearing from you :)


1. Bragbook QP from Amy Sumrall
2. Acrylic Alpha from Vicki
3. Overlays from MOriginals
4. Kit from Summertime
5. Acrylic Alpha from Loreta Labarca
6. Pirate Punk freebie from Kami . Be sure to check out how you can win $33 GC to her store.
7. Kit from MGL Scraps
8. Kit from IreneA
9. Template from Jill & Jack

1. Bracket album from
2. Bragbook template from SBE. They have BB templates weekly, check out the forum for the Jan template.
3. Template from Heather Manning at the Daily Scrapper. You have to 'purchase' it.
4. Kit from buzybeescrapper at Megabytemall

1. Peppermint Creative is having a 50% sale for their 50 top-selling products till Jun 20
2. Kami of Ziggle Designs has a $3 grab bag until Jun 19
3. Lovely kit from Simonetta Rossi for $1 only, not sure how long this will last so grab it asap if you like it.

Btw, I dont always have time to recheck my links when I post so anytime anyone spots an error, apprec if you can pls let me know...

Have a nice day!

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fun2educate said...

PC troubles still abound, Mac still up at nights, scrapping mojo still nowhere in sight...BUT your hair will look great, so you will feel all better..LOL! Or at least I do when I have a good hair day. Thanks for the list.
Have a great week. See ya tomorrow.