Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mac, Freebies, Bargains

It's 3am now and this is what Mac is doing. He slept at 10pm, woke up at 1am and been up till now. I dont know what phase he's going through but this has been happening too frequently over the last couple of weeks. I must be the only mother of a 2.5 year old with EYEBAGS :( So much for finishing up the journaling on my photos - it's hard to concentrate when every 2 min or so, a little boy asks you to "sing mama! sing do-re-me-so-fa" :D Barney is entertaining him right now, taking over Lightning 'the-queen'.

Freebies for today:

I'll see how long I can keep this up. It's so much easier than actually writing stuff and I'm so bad at using my stash, freebie or otherwise, they may as well decorate my blog and not just my directories! Gorgeous kit from retrodiva:

I'm trying not to download any more pink stuff but this is so cute and there's enough blue and green to use. I esp love the swirl and the patterned papers. Got this at:

More wedding templates from:

Raffia element from doudou60 -

Mini kit from Tangie Baxter:


It's Thursday & there are bargains galore! Unfortunately, it'll be more window-shopping for me since I think I have less than $5 left in my CC limit after the salesaroo-demon possessed me during NSD :(

20% New Release Day at & I didnt even take a peek cos I didnt want to cause myself 'pain' :D I'll need to restrain myself from all New Release sales and hope to catch up again during the next big sale..

Can't believe I have to pass up Gina Cabrera's new kit at only $2.99 today (22nd). Sigh...
It's $1 Thurs at & I'm allowing myself 2 miserable dollars to spend there. There are lots of goodies today. Definitely getting the Iphaligio kit by Lauraskathi. She has another kit offering at $1 - Julia - but sadly I have to let that one go for now since it's mostly pink. I heart Lauraskathi - not only is she an awesome designer but very generous as well as she often offers $1 and 50% sales. I now have to decide on 1 between these. It's a toughie:(
Luckily, I already have Rachel Young's Paper Towels & Kim Christensen's Thrift Chic.

Ah! Designs just started Happy Hour Thursday offering 1 kit at 50% off. I've already bought today's offering during NSD but in case anyone's interested, it's worth a visit :)

I popped into to see what they have for Dirt Cheap Thurs & quite relieved to see it's only 33% off on a bunch of items. A good bargain but not too hard to resist. Now if Follow Your Bliss was 60% off, I'd be killing myself :D

K, gotta go sing again now!!

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