Friday, May 16, 2008

A quick post

It's been ages since my last real post! I guess like everything else, I won't be consistent here as well :( It's a wonderful surprise to see that I actually had a couple of visitors here though :D In the event that some of you do come back, so glad you guys came by!

Hmm, what's new? A lot but mostly trivial stuff. On the scrap-front, I'm pleased to mention that I'm actually on a CT now - for I'd won their NSD contest back in Nov and one of the prizes was a 3-month guest spot. I started that in March and a few weeks later, their admin invited me to stay on full-time. Yay for me :) It's a lovely site, great designers and challenges and of course, awesome freebies! Make sure you're signed up for their newsletter or subscribe to the blog - there's always a couple of great freebies every week. I also just received an invitation from another site to join their CT - most unexpected but of course very flattering. I just got it a couple of mins ago actually so not sure how I'm going to reply yet. As much as I'd love to, I'm concerned whether I'll be able to find enough time to meet all my scrap obligations. I haven't been scrapping much the last few months. Anyways, we'll see. I guess I'll probably say yes cos I'm greedy :D

On the coop-front, we've been going on quite a few weekend trips to Miri the last few months, mainly so Mac can go swimming :) He loves the water now, a total change from his first experience when we was bawling his head off LOL While I believe he's still behind most kids his age, he has personally grown a lot - he's talking more now and much more aware of everything around him and he definitely loves going out! We've mostly been to arcades and malls but I'm hoping the weather will clear up soon so we can go to the beach and Jerudong Park as well. I think he'll enjoy JP. The last time I was there was 1998 I think!

I can probably continue blabbing on but I have 2 weeks worth of photos I havent journaled yet and I've already forgotten some of the details! Here are some recent pics of Mac :)

Mac & Gill on our 2nd celebration of her birthday :) Mac helping her blow out the candle.
Mac after enjoying an ice-cream :)
Having fun with his new bubble-gun!

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Webfrau said...

Congrats on your CT spots. Good to hear what you've been up to. Can't quite believe how big Mac looks now, they grow so fast.