Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I've been up to recently

Well, that was a loooonnnggg coffee break LOL Where have the past 2 weeks gone or the last couple of months for that matter!

Nothing much really. I'm taking a much-needed break from challenge-scrapping. While it was really fun and helped me get a lot of LOs done, it was getting way too stressful constantly trying to keep up with deadlines every single day. I thought of just cutting back some but found it too hard to decide which so it'll have to be none for now.

I desperately need to sort out my PC problems and then start organizing & backing up my files. It's so tedious having to go through everything everytime I scrap - kits AND photos. And PS dying every now and then just adds to the frustration. As usual of course, I keep procrastinating so even though I have my new hard disk (finally!!) it's pretty much just sitting there. Doesnt help that I keep getting distracted with freebies & blog reading as well as other treasures I found in my occasional forays into my hard disk like tutes I saved/bought and never read. We've also been going out a lot more & it's far more enjoyable not having my mind half worrying about a pending deadline.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. These are some pics from Mac's 2nd birthday recently. We didnt have a big celebration, just went out for dinner but we did it twice - the first was an early dinner with Colin's brother's family when we were in Miri and then on the actual date with just us and our friend Gillian. These are some of the pics from Miri.

Photo with Colin's brother's family

Just love the cake Colin's brother helped us to get!Playing with cousin Daryl

Doesn't Mac look so grown up??!

We had an early celebration of my birthday too :) Mac helping me blowing out the candles & cutting the cake :D

Pics from the actual day.

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